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I am delighted to be able to support this outreach venture during COVID. I am very fond of Vietnam and had a wonderful time teaching at RMIT University. And so I am very happy to give back to your amazing country through providing coaching support during these challenging times. Currently I’m living in Vancouver, Canada, and the difference in time zone means that Vietnam mornings are evenings in Canada.

I trained as a coach at Transcend International Academy in Hong Kong a number of years ago, and am completing the paperwork for my ACC now. I am also trained as a team coach and will be obtaining the Team Coach Practitioner designation through EMCC at the end of this year. I take my coaching skills into my classes at the University of British Columbia, where I teach creativity. I have also taught young entrepreneurs at Simon Fraser University and will be teaching a course in their business school this coming semester. Outside of my university teaching, I often provide coaching on career change and direction, as well as on creativity.

If this is not enough, I’m also an entrepreneur with a start-up, Creatific Culture Labs, which helps organisations unleash the creativity in their people, and empowers their innovation.

I look forward to holding space, exploring possibilities, and co-creating action steps with some of you as your coach.

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    The University of British Columbia


    Lecturer teaching creativity and on occasion, media history.
    Provide one-off Creativity Workshops for different departments.

    07/2019 - Hiện tại
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    Creativity Alchemist, Business & Organisational Creativity Coach, Founder & Trainer

    Creatific Culture Labs

    Unleashing creativity within organisations and individuals to enable them to generate groundbreaking ideas resulting in greater revenue, decreased costs, greater employee engagement, and a more fulfilling work culture. I do this through coaching, corporate training workshops, consulting, retained advisor assignments, design sprint facilitation, and public speaking, sometimes in conjunction with collaborators with various areas of expertise.

    10/2018 - Hiện tại

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    Simon Fraser University

    PhD, Communication and Media Studies

    Dissertation title:
    Resisting Hollywood? A Compara

    01/2005 - 01/2013

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    Facilitation Lab w/ David Newman


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Mastering Virtual Liberating Structures

Voltage Control

Certified Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile Administrator

Basadur Applied Creativity

Certificate of Professional Coaching (ICF ACSTH approved)

Transcend International - Coaching and Training

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International Coaching Federation