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Things that make you go Hmm.. :
1. Why is true wisdom hard to find on the internet, meanwhile porn and entertainment are free ?
2. Why people passionate with self-help seem to be going nowhere ?
3. Why are we bombarded with images of successful people, in corporate, in sports, in business but no one ever talks about inner peace, happiness or someone who went to India to meditate with monks and came back wiser ?

If you ever asked yourself all these questions, ever felt something is wrong with the way things work around you, you're not alone.

They say the criminals understand the laws better than the lawyers, since they must figure out a way to break the law and get away with it. How many times when you watch some US crime-drama or action movie, be it a stand-alone or series, you see a story like this : Some bad guy kills wife and child of protagonist, police catches him but the judge and jury are unable to convict him due to lack of evidence , some technicalities or influence from bad guy's friends in high places. The protagonist breaks down, he goes to the bad guy to exact revenge, gets caught and handed over to law enforcement. The police, FBI or whatever warn the protagonist to let it slide or suffer consequences. The protagonist loses trust in the system and goes rogue, pursues the bad guy to seek justice and finally gets it.

How many times do you see the protagonists go outside the conventional way to catch criminals ?

It's all fun and games, until you wonder why the system doesn't work to contain the very people seeking its downfall, criminals, murderers, mafia ?

Looking beyond the shootings, the actions and the hand-to-hand combat that give you good entertainment, do you ever wonder what's critically wrong with the justice system ?

People teach you self-help, persuasion and presentation skill, etc but no one has ever taught you systemic thinking. The ability to recognize patterns and draw the big picture of what truly happens behind the headlines on 7 p.m news you never care. The ability to understand why some people rise meteorically in organizations while 20-year employees still work middle-management. The true knowledge and wisdom about the system that runs everything. Be a winner in that system instead of a victim.

If you read this far, congratulations. I think you'll go far in life. Why ? Because nowadays most people have the attention span of a gold fish. Social media and smart phone have forever altered our brains. We give anything 3 - 5 seconds to grab our attention, after that we simply scroll to the next thing. Social media algorithms actively shape our view of the world by deciding what is trendy and what is not, in politics, fashion, business and beyond. This is a direct contradiction to the traditional way of acquiring wisdom. Wisdom requires time and patience, to read, to learn, to analyze, to think, to draw the big picture, a slow and diligent process which can't be done in a short video of 5 minutes on TikTok or YouTube. You reading this far proves that you are inquisitive, patient - a good foundation.

I offer to show you the way of systemic thinking, a lost art in TikTok era. I also offer to teach you everything society and parents, even other guys refuse to teach you because it is too complicated, too dark or not rewarding in terms of admiration from young people. The things I teach could very well make the difference between "kill" or "be killed" in a cut-throat world like now. Like in the Top Gun movie : what he has to teach you, may very well mean the difference between life and death.

Only one thing left, tell me why I should share with you the lessons that I paid dearly in money and blood ? Lessons paid in money could be given away as a form of charity, but lessons paid in blood ?

Since many of you came to me, claiming you have high score of IELTS reading yet failed to understand my simple introduction, let me give it to you straight in even simpler terms, so you know where your academic English stands in the real world :

I will give you 3 stories which are interconnected and parts of a big picture happening around you. Consider them the unique samples of my coaching to show you what I have to offer you about the real world out there :
1. Story 1 : Ever wonder why US Rap music glorifies gang behaviors and violence, anti-establishment crimes while Rap music everywhere else, for ex in Vietnam, is much more positive ?

Unlike other countries, in US there is an industry of private prisons where the US government pay for each inmate the prisons keep. Using simple business logic : the more inmates , the more money these prisons make. How to get more inmates ?

Sounds horrifying but these people actually plot to turn young, often fatherless boys into criminals to be funneled into their prisons. And they do that how ? Through music.

The music industry in general and rap music in particular are controlled by just a handful of companies. These companies hold the power to decide who will be the next star, the next trend, the next popular music. As young people are always easily influenced by pop music, and these companies control pop music, by that logic these companies directly exercise influence over young people's minds.

Long ago, a deal was cut between prisons owners and music executives to use rap music to influence and turn young, often teenage, black, fatherless boys into criminals and eventually inmates. That is why the music industry only "select" rappers whose lyrics glorify violence, criminal behaviors. All rappers whose lyrics promote positivity, love or anything else are sidelined.

2. Story 2 : If you are a typical young person, you should definitely have TikTok application in your phone. Do you know that Chinese TikTok algorithm prioritizes videos that promote education, science, patriotism, health and fitness and TikTok outside China algorithm prioritizes dumb videos, such as girl eating some kind of food inside a toilet, teenagers doing brainless behaviors, showing off their butt or boobs, etc.

It's not a coincidence, it's a deliberate strategy to influence young people and future generations' minds via social media. The same goes for Facebook and Twitter. Dont ever think what you see as trendy on social media reflects the real world out there. The trendy things are not generated by real world events but prioritized by central server algorithms, which are determined by executives who decide what they want you to believe.

3. Story 3 : Nowadays many young people compare Western women with Vietnamese women, claiming the Vietnamese standards for women, especially in the North, are too traditional and uptight. You may be shocked to hear that in the past, the standards for women in US were almost identical to those in Vietnam.

In the beginning of 20th century, the movement we now called feminism had a very positive impact on women's life. Thanks to the movement, US Constitution amendment 19th was passed, allowing women to vote in elections since 1920. Decades after 1920, women's rights continue to improve slowly but surely. In 1955, activist Rosa Parks furthered black women's rights by simply refusing to sit at the back of the bus as front seats were for whites only. Until 1960s, feminism was a noble cause which advanced lives for millions of women worldwide.

With multiple advances in personal rights, women lifestyle and standards stayed pretty much the same. They still prefered the "barefoot, pregnant, making apple pies for husband" traditional role, which translates to Vietnamese as "Tam tong, tu duc". Many women didn't work and stayed at home to take care of their family and educate their children. Sounds like a grandmother or a mother you know ?

That was the case, until elite fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan created the image of modern woman : has a career, money, wears fashionable clothes, attends popular parties in metropolitan areas, and has a free dating life. Over the years, this image was marketed to millions of women in the west, encouraging them to "live for themselves" by focusing on career, earning money to buy fashionable clothes, afford makeups, consume more wine and cocktails like a true modern lady. Thus today's standards of Western women were born. The purpose behind this you ask ? To boost women's purchase of fashion items, alcohols, makeups, and you guess it, contraceptions which generate billions of dollars in profit.

Somewhere along the line, that standards were corrupted to boost even more consumption : one-night stand behaviors, slutty behaviors, motherless families, prostitution to earn more money for hedonistic lifestyle, and any given degeneracy in the west nowadays.

Bonus story to show you even more about the real world out there, this is from a Fortune news web article :

Early on Monday, the U.K.’s currency nearly reached parity with the dollar, a once-unthinkable and record-setting descent that was a continuation of the market’s dramatically negative reaction on Friday to the new Conservative Party’s budget proposal. Deutsche Bank said it was the third worst day for sterling since Soros’ famous bet in 1992, with only its 3.7% plunge following the first wave of the COVID pandemic and the 8.1% plunge after the Brexit vote being worse. 

Soros was a relative rebel and outsider, though. What’s different this time is that U.K.-based hedge funds with close links to the U.K. government seem to have made out with massive paydays—and now may face investigation over whether they were leaked information the rest of the market never received.

In the week to September 20, investors had actually ramped up their bullish bets on the pound to their highest level since March, Bloomberg reported, citing data from no less an authority than the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Association. 

Shorting the pound seemed quite obvious to many onlookers. No less an authority than Danny Blanchflower, a former policymaker for the Bank of England, posted on Twitter on September 20 that shorting the pound would only be sensible, given how strenuously he disagreed with Truss’ policies.

But that was before Friday and Monday’s carnage. According to a report in The Times, a newspaper not known for criticizing the center-right Tories, the only recently sworn-in Prime Minister Liz Truss had hosted a dinner for hedge fund managers shortly before her spending plans sparked a selling frenzy in sterling and gilts. “They were all supporters of Truss and every one of them was shorting the pound,” a source told Rupert Murdoch’s London daily. 

3 above stories are interconnected and parts of a big picture, a picture about how the minds of people, including you, are influenced, shaped, guided in the way certain people want everything to be. And the bonus story shows you how the real world out there truly works, there is no such thing as fairness and equality, even in Western countries so many impressionable youngsters look up to. Like I said, 3 stories and the Bonus one are only samples. I have a thousand more, all to teach you the way of systemic thinking, critical thinking and inspire you to be an independent thinker, an outstanding analyst who can navigate the real world with absolute confidence, even in "dark zones".

Now, let me give it straight to you in child's terms, since many of you with high scores of IELTS can't even fathom simple texts, can't understand sh** : Above samples and testimonials on my profile are clear proofs of my competence and what unique things I can offer you, perhaps so unique that no one else could do. Working with me will definitely be a valuable experience for you in life. So what do you have to offer me in return ? There's no such thing as free lunch.

Connect with me only if you have something to offer and write that down in your introduction message. Dont waste my time with writings like "I really hope to learn from you", which will generate a nice f*** off from me.

Alternatively, if you don't have anything to offer or don't have the audacity to set up a mutually beneficial relationship with me or both, you read my online blog here for free : https://www.facebook.com/sheepleadslions. In the blog I detail the recollection of previously learned lessons from dark periods, dark humor, what it really takes to survive at work ( no inspirational bullshit ), sometimes how the real world works and how the corporate system was designed to benefit certain people instead of you ( you can be system's victims or benefit reaper, the choice is up to you ).

The online blog is nowhere near talking directly with me over a beer, but it's all you can get right now.

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