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Sales & Business Development Manager tại Korea Rental Vina


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A sales management expert with 8 consecutive years of work at one of the biggest retail company in Vietnam. An outgoing and hard working manager with sales skills and close connection with partners, and with successes managing a network of over 340 mobile retail stores in Vietnam.
Deep knowledge & strong networking in ICT & IoT industry.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

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    Sales & Business Development Manager

    Korea Rental Vina

    Starting in 1989, through 30 years of establishment and development, Korea Rental Vina had become the first foundation in the domestic rental industry with the core theory "Value of Ownership to Value in Use".
    - Responsible for:
    . Build plan for IE division.
    . Market research and expanding portfolio.
    . Looking for & cooperating with B2B customers.
    . Expanding sales channels.

    05/2021 - Hiện tại
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    B2B Sales Manager - Iot Division

    Công ty CP Nghiên cứu và Sản xuất Vinsmart

    - Responsible for:
    . Build plan for Iot division, including Vinsmart’s Smarthome, IP Camera & Solutions.
    . Looking for distributors & SI (System integration) partners.
    . Looking for & cooperating with B2B customers.
    . Bridge between customers, sales team and technical team.
    . In charge of sales, ebitda for B2B teams.

    08/2020 - 07/2021
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    Business Development Manager

    1C Vietnam ( 100% Rusia & Multinational Company)

    1C Vietnam is a subsidiary of 1C Company with direct 100% foreign investment, specializing in the development and implement of business applications. Website: 1c.com.vn
    Responsible for:
    - Define product target users and strategy of product development.
    - Participation in pre-sale activities.
    - Looking for new sales channels and potential customers.
    - Negotiations with third party service providers on integration with services in demand by the customers.
    - Preparation of materials and product presentations, presentation at thematic events and exhibitions.

    11/2019 - 08/2020
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    Sales Manager

    Viettel Group

    Viettel retail or Viettelstore is one of the biggest handset retail channel in Vietnam market, with over 340 stores in Vietnam. Website : www.viettelstore.vn
    In charge of all sales activities, included:
    - Setting strategic direction based on customer needs and business goals. Interpreting strategic goals into operational tasks.
    - Sales, Purchasing, Profits & Inventory of over 350 Viettel stores nationwide.
    - Marketing & Sales execution.
    - Logistic and Inventory management.
    - Report to Company Director.

    03/2018 - 07/2018
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    deputy manager of sales department

    viettel group

    In charge of mobile division included: Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi & Archos. Report to Sales Department Manager, successfully developed brands in over 340 Viettel Store nationwide:
    - Preparing sales contract with producers.
    - Sales, purchasing, profits & inventory of brands.
    - Working with producers about promotions, marketing budget & training...
    - Working with ASM, store manager for sales and marketing execution.
    Cooperating with Viettel Telecom in building bundle packages.
    Leader of “Super Combo 4G” project, the first successful subsidy package in Vietnam.
    - Samsung sales increased 180% in 2017 to reach 190 billion VNĐ/month...
    - One of 20 best salesman of Viettel Group in the word (Including Viettel’s global subsidiaries).
    - Bringing Viettelstore from the 4th position on the biggest retail channel in the market to 3th position with 8% of market share.

    10/2016 - 03/2018
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    product manager

    viettel group

    Responsible for:
    - Defining and planning product line and product enhancements.
    - Managing product contracts and sales.
    - Purchasing, Marketing and sales execution.

    06/2011 - 10/2016

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    Foreign Trade University

    international business/ trade/ commerce

    grade: good

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