Ngô Thị Kim Chung


Senior Data Analyst (Business Translator) tại One Mount


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Highly positive attitude, well self-improvement, quickly adapt to changes and love to work from an experienced candidate with a first-rate background.
Interested in the Data, Technology, specific at Finance Applications (Analysis and Investments).

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

  • Senior Data Analyst (Business Translator)

    One Mount

    - Created connection between Marketing department and Data department for Vinshop App (Retails field)

    07/2021 - Hiện tại
  • Employee Engagement

    Viettel Digital

    - Spent 15% time working on the tasks in this position.
    - Accomplished about 70 self-designed posters and content to advertise weekly seminars.
    - Published news, videos, images for the internal websites.
    - Created 4 new lyrics for MVs.
    - Enthusiastically taken part in organizing team: Happy events (quarterly, for about 300 employees), year-end party (yearly), happy women’s day.
    - Mastered glued person in the team.
    - Top 15% Best employee in extracurricular activities in VDS.
    - Together with the team, made the Data Analysis Department win of Top 5 the great department in VDS, the greatest teams in Technology Center, VDS.

    01/2020 - 06/2021
  • Big Data Analyst cum Business Analyst

    Viettel Digital

    - Top 20% The Excellent Employee 2020 of VDS
    - Proposed a persuasive idea to reduce the churning rate of Customers based on Customer error data in order to save 6 billion VND each month. (The project has implemented in real life)
    - Actively proposed key metrics, statistically detected trends, signals then raised recommended actions for frequent reports and ad-hoc reports.
    - Visualized by story-telling technique.
    - Delivered Customer insight data stories to principal stakeholders: BOD, marketing team, Strategic team. (Mainly focused on: Customer Journey, Segments).
    - Researched a new method: Channel Attribution models to validate Advertising Omni Channels Efficiency. Therefore optimized Sale monthly budgets and Sale strategies.
    - Deeply EDA multiple of BigData sources: Telecommunication Data, Digital Payment Data, Appsflyer Tracking Data, and solidly performed by: Pandas, PySpark, SQL, Tableau, Excel.

    - Achieved 35 hours of Professional Development for CCBA (according to IIBA standards)
    - Acquired Domain-Driven Design Method (A completely new approach to Software
    Product Development) through 9-month competition and the VDS real project.
    (The 2nd Runner-up Prize: 25.000.000 VND)
    - Defined features and designed for 5 internal web tools (BigData ETL system).

    05/2019 - 06/2021
  • Research Service Providers (Consultant)


    - Sought the Signals of Good Stocks in markets: USA, EUROPE, ASIA,
    - Dug deep on structured Data Types: Price-volume, Fundamental, Estimate, Economical condition, News,...
    - Did Feature Engineering Tasks, mainly implemented the Financial ideas to high-frequency trading models.
    - Applied Mathematics, Statistics knowledge to optimize trading strategic algorithms.

    10/2017 - 10/2019
  • IT Business Analyst

    Quant Edge JSC

    - Participated in EQUIX agile team – A trading software for: OpenMarkets Australia Limited.
    - Accomplished RESTful API Document for EQUIX functions by Swagger with JSON and YAML structure.
    - Assured quality of those APIs by Postman. Frequently used SQL server.
    - Analyzed and defined OpenMarkets Australia Limited requirements (URD) as well as EQUIX Functional Specification Document (FSD).
    - Discussed with EQUIX's partners by Email, Skype.
    - Designed User Interface for EQUIX Mobile and Website versions by Sketch.

    04/2018 - 04/2019
  • CFA Learners Manager


    - Frequently communicated with Coaches, Learners, Course Managers.
    - Supported, motivated for 55 CFA candidates for 7 months in a rows.
    - Improved connections between learners with each others through different activities, such as: throwing parties.
    - Be a part of Organizational Department for 5 sharing events for 30 – 200 people.
    - Together with my team, we translated 10 CFA Curriculumn from English to Vietnamese.

    08/2016 - 02/2017

Quá trình học tập

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    Foreign Trade University

    Financial Analysis and Investment

Hoạt động ngoại khóa

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    HAD - Hanoi Association of the Deaf

    Volunteer Staff

    - Learned and Interpreted Vietnamese Sign Language for the deaf.
    - Supported the deaf's events.
    - Connected the deaf with other people..

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    Instructional Facilitator

    Operation Smile

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    HAD - Hanoi Association of the Deaf

    Volunteer Staff

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    Volunteer Admin

    Facebook fanpage for supporting candidates in Chemistry National Examination

    - Enthusiastically answered about 70 000 candidates' questions about Chemisty.
    - Given other information about universities and learning experience.

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    Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

    Logistics Coordinator

    - Supported Organizing Academic Conference series: Expanding Boundaries: Ethnicity, Materiality and Spirituality.
    - The conference series had about 70 participants who are professors, post-graduates around the world.

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    The Metropolitan Student Association


    - Found the Hostels around Foreign Trade University, Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam, Ha Noi Law University for 1 month before National Entrance Examination.
    - Directly supported for candidates in 3 testing days

Tên giải thưởng

  • Top 100 "I-Invest 2017"​ Contest

    Issued by Securities Investment Club of Foreign Trade University
    - The Viet Nam Northern biggest contest about Finance with about 5000 contestants annually.

  • Runner-up in "The Economic Olympic 2016"​ contest

    Issued by Financial Academy
    - Team 2 members.
    - This student competition had 4 rounds combined by deep knowledge about Economics for about 900 contestants.

  • 2nd Runner-up Applied Domain Driven Design Approach for Loyalty Project (25.000.000 VND)

    Issued by Viettel Digital Services Corporation
    - Acquired Domain-Driven Design Knowledge.
    - Already Applied to a real-life project in the Marketing field.
    - Cooperated with 4 Heads of Department in team: Marketing, Development, System Architectures.

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Microsoft Exel Analytical Skills Financial Analysis

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