Huỳnh Nguyễn Anh Khoa

Associate Director tại i-dac Vietnam


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Currently taking Associate Director position at I-DAC Vietnam - media performance & data agency and subsidiary of D.A.C Japan, one of the largest agency group in Japan, a part of Hakuhodo D.Y.

With over 10 years in marketing strategy and especially digital marketing, I am confident to bring you the best value

- Always be creative and updated the world technology in general and Digital Marketing in particular.
- To be expert in using Internet tools such as Website, Email Marketing, Forum Seeding, Backlink, SEO/SEM, Social Media, Analytics, Facebook ads, Google ads, Tiktok ads… Optimizing campaigns so brands/clients can achieve the best possible goal (Awareness / ROI / ROAS / Engagement,..)
- Teamwork ability, coordinators and employers leading. Master in Group management tool: Drive, Skype, Trello,…
- Ability to make and form plans as well as manage time.
- Ability to write PR posts, edit or report.
- Have experiences about managing Admin Website (Joomla, php, wordpress,....) or forums.
- To be skillful in drafting and designing HTML (web, email marketing,..)
- To be skillful in Adobe such as Photoshop, Premiere, After Effect, AI, Audition for banner, video trailer,…
- Be able to create and edit script for viral campaign
- Well-managed, revised, updated information and optimized SEO. Clarified all SEO skill and plan
- Skillful in use Google Tag Manager, Pixel Tracking, Adwords Tracking, Google data studio, App flyer, Fire base,...
- Have experiences in finding and meeting customers, making deals with strategic partners.
- Skillful in customer behavior analysis not only in VN but also in global with a wide product ranges, ages, genders.... for an advertisement strategy starting with optimizing content to customizing target audience.
- Have experiences with event holdings and PR, KOL.
- Good communication skills with clients, ability to manage clients, classify and maintain the relationship with potential clients.
- Good presentation skills.
- Ability to analyze Traffic Access (nation, provinces, what kind of browsers, introduction,…) based on tracking tools .
- Optimize the budgets, choose the suitable channels and advertising methods - network (having good relationships with agencies in this field)

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

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    Associate Director

    i-dac Vietnam

    Directly operate and manage teams: Strategic planning, Optimization, Data Solution.
    - Directing plan, strategize, and consult 360 marketing solutions for client
    - Directing deploying and optimizing media campaigns on platforms: Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Linked ads, Zalo, DSP, Ad Network, SEO,...
    - Directly offer solutions and tactics to optimize KPIs (Brand awareness, ROI, ROAS, Engagement,...)
    - Consulting and implementing data solutions (CRM - CDP) to increase the conversion rate as high as possible, as well as build a solid database for the client to develop sustainably and go far as quickly as possible.

    08/2022 - Hiện tại
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    Head Of Strategic Planning

    Digital Marketing Vietnam Corporation

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    Head of Media Strategy

    Ureka Media

    Create a new team strategy (Marketing 360 from online to offline for client) , and develop the team to be the most effective team of Ureka in 2018 and 2019

    Some of these projects are totally strategic from 3 month to 1 year (Budget from 3 billion to 60 Billion for each project) for my big clients:

     Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Star - The largest dealer of mercedes-benz in Vietnam -
    is a member of the Lei Shing Hong Group - the leading strategic partner of Mercedes-Benz global: Plan O2O overall strategy (offline to online and online to offline) with an annual budget of 40 billion - 60 billion VNĐ in 2 markets Vietnam – Malaysia

     Automobile: Mercedes, Toyota (Malaysia market with 3 model: Vios – Yaris - Corolla), Honda (Bri, RSX, Winner)

     FMCG: Suntory Pepsi, Nivia Men, Satori Sugar Bien Hoa Company (Đường Biên Hoà), Tiger, Tuborg

     F&B: Chang Kang Kung – Sườn Cây – Mr Park, Sky Restaurant, TocoToco, Runam Bistro, Runam Boutique

     Beauty and cosmetics: Murad Viet Nam

     Fashion: Ninomaxx, N&M, Colehaan

     Finace and Banking: Techcombank, ACB Bank, KienLong Bank, Viettin Bank, Vietcapital Bank

     Real Estate: Swanbay – SwanPark – Swan City, Gem Riverside, Vinhome Central Park, Vinhome Golden River, projects in investor CapitaLand, Hap Seng Land (Run at Malaysia Market)
     Hotel - Resort: Salinda Resort Phu Quoc (5 Star) run in Viet Nam and Global (Japan – Russian – UK – US – Korea,..), Christina hotel chain (Run at Viet Nam and Korea Market), InterContinental, Tan Son Nhat Hotel (5 Star)

     Hospital: Hoan My Hospital

     Aviation: Vietjet Air, Malindo Air (Run at Viet Nam, Phil, Indonexia and Malaysia Market)

     Pharmacy: Smecta

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    E-Commerce Management Consultant

    Trầm Hương Thiên Mộc Hương

    Building and implementing an e-commerce strategy for Thien Moc Huong Agarwood Jewelry (ThienMocHuong.com). Growing the company from an original online shop, developing it into a leading brand of agarwood jewelry in Vietnam with 2 large showrooms in Ho Chi Minh - Hanoi and 5 other showrooms across the country, the monthly revenue from 3 - 7 billion VNĐ

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    Marketing Manager

    Young World Technology

    Built all strategies (Marketing 360) and launching for over 50 strategic games on both Web game and Mobile game for Truong Ton 2T publisher. With budget fluctuation from 1 to 5 billions VND for each product, developed 10 games in global market among 50 countries in South America, EU, Asia. Upgraded the brand value and profits both not only in Vietnam but also in Global.
    Created idea and advertised games for leading game publishers in Viet Nam such as VNG, VTC game, Soha game… as an agency.
    Built 02 e-commerce store selling consumer products coverage over 100 countries (Drop Shipping)
    https://fbcoolgadgets.com/ (Revenue 300.000 – 600.000$/ per month)
    Lotus Prayer: https://lotusprayer.com/ (Revenue 500.000 – 700.000$ per month)

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    Search Engine Optimization Specialist

    Freelance SEO/ SEM/PPC specialist

    Since the beginning of 2013, after studying Google's new “panda” algorithm, I have collaborated with a travel blogger to create a pure content website and develop a completely different SEO direction at the time (Backlink is King). My SEO focus is on the content and I ask my travel blogger to start writing about travel experiences in each province and country across the country, and I started SEO from the long keywords "Kinh nghiem du lich ha noi / nha trang / da nang, ... "and use facebook ads to push traffic to each post, get lots of shares and traffic from the community. In the end, I won the top 1 with most of the keywords about tourism such as: du lich nha trang, du lich da nang, ... considered as the biggest competitive keywords at that time

    Toidi.net was a lot of SEO experts in the country and google as a case study and the definition of "Content is King" has also appeared in the SEO community.
    And more than 50 main keys and more 1000 sub keys, which highly competed to top 1-3
    http://dichthuattuandung.com, http://kiemtoanachau.com, http://sieuthimaylamsach.com, http://sohovina.com.vn, http://billboardquangcao.com, http://www.mitel.vn, http://duanchungcu.vn, http://ungdungfacebook.info, http://daugiay.vn, http://thegioiechop.com, giasutiendat.com, huutoan.com, khangkhanghotel.com, teambuilding.pro.vn, oplungiphone.net, thamtu555.net, http://vetranhcat.com, vilide.com, viettravel.com, toidi.net…

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    Marketing Manager

    Vilide Travel

    Building a tourism e-commerce website including selling hotel rooms, air tickets, tours, designing tourism programs for each group of guests according to their interests, behaviors and personalities.
    After implementing the strategies of SEO, facebook ads, google ads, after 6 months of doing media , the website has 50 - 100 flight bookings/reservations, and 50 people need to design a travel program specifically for group every day

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    Chief of Marketing Online

    MGreen Media

    Developed an environmental news page of the company into the largest environmental news site at the time in Vietnam (from 1000 pageview / day to 20,000 pageview / 1 day)
    It was a news site that had a strong say at the time on the topic of environment, as well as received many advertising contracts from large companies that wanted to improve the image of environmental protection.

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    Marketing Team Lead

    Firerox Media

    Directly making plan and conducting Marketing Online Strategies (mainly on google and social media platforms) for: Dulichhot, TinTa,Việt Trung, Cty Bluetooth Việt Nam, La san, Khởi Nguyên Travel , noithatalo, FPT bình Dương, daugiay.vn, duanchungcu.vn, dichthuattuandung.com, thegioiechop.com, oplungiphone.net, kiemtoanachau, mitel.vn, billboardquangcao.com, sohovina.com.vn, ungdungfacebook.info, sieuthimaylamsach.com, vetranhcat.com, sukienhot.com.vn, dienlanhthanglong.vn, giasutiendat.com, huutoan.com, teambuilding.pro.vn,.…

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    Project Leader


    • Leader full campaign debuting new products of Samsung, HTC, dendau.vn, Dumex powder milk, YoMost, bebeyeu.com, oplungiphone, nganhangsim,…
    • Leader Full Campaign Marketing Online “Hub Culture”. The Project is conducted with the support of Jonnie Walker

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    Van Lang University

    Bachelor's degree, Marketing

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