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BU SEA Business Service & Import Export Manager tại ANHEUSER BUSCH INBEV VIET NAM

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❖ Sustain, reroute positions as a senior manager in FMCG/MNC where I could maximize capabilities, utilize experience and upgrade my capability

❖ Obtain the position of Supply Chain director in MNC
❖ Expert in Int’l Supply Chain management

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    BU SEA Business Service & Import Export Manager


    AB InBev – the world’s largest beer MNC with a portfolio of more than 500 beer brands including Budweiser
    ®, Corona ®, Hoegaarden ® , Leffe®, Stella Artois ®...
    ❖ Manage all import-export logistics activities for 2 plants in Vietnam
    • Manage material, packaging, finished goods, CAPEX, MRO, POCM import export int’l logistics to ensure production on time for LE Sales demand
    ▪ Manage Supplier and LSP to ensure delivery Plan, inventory and safety stock in order to supply to
    distributors/customers as shipping schedule and sales demand.
    ▪ In charge of customs law compliance of factory: update new Customs law, regulation & self-audit to
    ensure every transaction must be complied with VN’s law for 4 entities.
    ▪ Monitor and communicate factors likely to impact T1 & T2 delivery performance and drive improvement actions plan with Plant Managers, Functional departments (Finance, Commercial, legal…).
    ▪ Ensure compliance with international, various regional and local import-export laws/ regulations under timely manner, including Tax refund & Exemption procedure.
    ▪ Proactively lead across-functional teams within the responsible operation in identifying bottlenecks and complexities on critical issues and implement corrective actions to improve the overall supply Chain cost optimization.
    ▪ Logistics cost report, tax forecast, tariff factor, logistics forecast for new projects…. to Finance, Commercial team.
    ▪ Liaise & representative of factory’s BOD to work with government’s office (Customs Branch, GDC, MOF,
    MOIT…) in terms of Import & Export Duty, customs auditing, customs balancesheet, HS code argument.
    ▪ SAP process & issue solutions.
    ❖ Manage shared Business Service Center:
    • Procure To Pay: Vendor payment Invoice Processing, T&E and Reimbursement, Commercial P&L and Cash flow, Non Commercial PTP reports, Payment Proposal.
    • Order To Cash: Order & billing processing, DTI reconciliation, receiving fund allocation, Credit and
    receivables tracking; empties and deposit report; sales volume
    ▪ Treasury: Bank account management, payment On Time, cash flow forecast, nter-company/bank funding, deposit
    ▪ Account To Report: Produce accurate and timely Financial reports (e.g., BS, PL, Cash flow, and other
    reports as required by group) confront to VAS, IFRS; provide timeliness & accuracy of Reports, upload
    • Master Data management: Vendor , Outline agreement, Purchase info. record; Customer, Pricing
    conditions, Material (RM, PM, Finished Goods, Returnable, Spare Part, POCM), BOM of selling material, Standard cost
    ❖ Manage SL, LSP, 3PL, logistics cost:
    ▪ Manage and evaluate Shipping lines, forwarder for Global bidding for International Logistics for all SEA
    ▪ Manage local LSP, 3PL terms of bidding, performance evaluation for global ocean and airfreight,
    import/export customs broker, local transportation, warehouse management… by SLA and periodical
    ❖ Lead Logistics Innovation projects across BU, Zones, and Global.
    ▪ Duty trend analysis –WTO road map and FTAs to give better strategy for material sourcing allocation &
    finished goods to Management board and proposal for reducing import tax project.
    ▪ Propose continuous improvement initiative, solutions.
    ▪ Propose new SOP to improve operation efficiency of internaltional logistics, Supply Chain and leverage other
    zones’ benchmarks.
    ▪ Monthly performance report to APAC Logistics director
    ▪ Control, build budget and plan to save logistics cost in terms of big picture across zones.
    ❖ Team management
    ▪ Setup and track monthly KPI, SLA, MBO, productivity for all team members to ensure target achievement
    ▪ Develop, coach, mentor and define personal development plan for team members for their growth

    04/2018 - Hiện tại
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    Supply Chain Manager


    ❖ VNTECH is a leading supplier/contractor of fire protection and fighting systems in Vietnam. They are the sole distributor of Viking, Ansul, Eversafe, Notifier – Honeywell, Janus
    ▪ Plan and implement the overall supply chain strategy in Planning, Procurement, Logistics, warehouse management
    ▪ Collaborate with Sales, Operations, and Customer Service teams to ensure projects and sales target
    ▪ Determine key supply chain KPIs: operation efficiency, logistics cost saving, customer service
    ▪ Propose solutions for process improvements for supply chain: from sourcing – procurement – import/export – distribution – payment process.
    ▪ Identify process bottleneck and implement solutions in a timely manner
    ▪ Train and evaluate performance of team members.
    ▪ Manage logistics & supply chain cost saving YoY.
    ▪ Work with Finance, Sales, and Customer service to evaluate vendors and distributors performance
    ▪ Build and maintain good relationships with vendors, external parties (Customs offices….)

    08/2017 - 03/2018
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    Supply Chain Manager


    ❖ SANYO CO.,LTD is a Japanese company that specializes in supplying TCM ® forklifts in Vietnam market manufactured by UNICARRIERS – a global corporation
    ▪ Manage purchase orders and contracts from Marketing, Sales and Admin Dept. in order to make plan and report to HQ for manufacturing and shipment schedule.
    ▪ Assigning related works to juniors. Manage and solve all problems, issues during orders/ contract
    ▪ Consulting the customers all terms and conditions in the foreign trade contracts.
    ▪ Managing electric customs declaration and making decision for all issues.
    ▪ Managing LSP and 3PL, evaluate their performance.
    ▪ Following FX and all remittances from the sole agent to Japanese HQ.
    ▪ Manage shipment schedule and pushing all international payments (T/T, L/C, D/P) for foreign
    contracts, and local payment for domestic contracts.
    ▪ Managing the progress of opening bidding, performance, down payment, warranty bonds.
    ▪ Advising to the customer in issuing L/C, and solving all issues occurred during L/C, D/P payments.
    ▪ Coordinating technicians to assembling the forklifts and associating After-sale service dept. to
    maintain and warranty timely and effectively.
    ▪ Appointing logistics and forwarder agents with the competitive price and best quality nationwide.
    ▪ Receiving reports from the junior and making daily, monthly and yearly report for Payment and
    Logistics to the Japanese Managing Director.
    ▪ Advising to Japanese Manager Director all foreign trade contracts (commodity, price, payment,
    shipment, warranty, penalty terms and conditions, INCOTERMS and Foreign Contract Tax…).
    ▪ Sourcing domestic and foreign spare-part suppliers, managing warehouse and handling second-hand forklifts in workshop for lending the customers.
    ▪ Control Logistics cost and local charges
    ▪ Set KPI target and monthly tracking to report to Japanese BOD
    ▪ Lead, train and evaluate performance of team members.

    05/2015 - 07/2017
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    Import Export Manager


    ❖ Viet An is a contractor specializes in supplying telecommunications, electric, cable TV equipment in
    Vietnam market from brands all over the world .
    ▪ Making import plans, sourcing local and foreign suppliers for project requirement and purchase orders
    ▪ Negotiating all conditions and terms of Foreign Trade contract and economic contract before director
    ▪ Manage profiles and documents of Export – import, following up tax duties paid to the State budget.
    ▪ Controlling air/sea freight for import & export in EXW incotemrs to save logistics cost
    ▪ Monitoring and making international payment (T/T, D/P, L/C) to foreign suppliers.
    ▪ Supervising and approve electric customs declaration and examining the customs documents
    ▪ Managing performance of the projects.
    ▪ Report of monthly import - export plan to the Director.
    ▪ Solving problems arising in activities related to project performance.

    06/2009 - 04/2015
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    Export Sales executive


    ❖ NAFOODS group is a leading group in manufacturing & exporting processed fruit & vegetables
    (such as fruit concentration, fruit juice, frozen fruit and vegetable….)
    ▪ Searching export customers, sampling, quotation, Commercial term negotiation for contract
    ▪ Manage paid account on in’t business B2B platform to market the products.
    ▪ Take care Japanese key accounts and develop Japan market segment.
    ▪ Have business plan to expend customer files.
    ▪ Coordinate with marketing, production team to develop the product profile.
    ▪ Coordinate with related functions (Finance, Production, Logistics) to ensure international logistics
    activity smoothly.
    ▪ Coordinating the transportation arrangements and document preparation for the shipments.
    ▪ Performing any other related duties as required or assigned

    10/2007 - 05/2009

Quá trình học tập

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    SWISS Institute of Management and Innovation

    Master of Sciences in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    09/2021 - 09/2023
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    Foreign Trade Unitversity

    Business Administration

    * 2001 – 2006 Bachelor's degree
    * 2018 – 2021 Master of Business Administration

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    The University of Economy HCMC

    Practical Accounting, Finance

Kỹ năng & chứng chỉ

Fluently Business English and Interpersonal skill

Proficiency in MS Office tools

Leadership and management, coach, mentor skill.

Work productively under high pressure

Strongly analytical skill for problem-solving.

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