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Head of Communication & Marketing tại TECHVIFY Software

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I have worked in Communications and Public Relations for years. I also love creating and maintaining a favorable public image for the company and its owner. I am an expert in team building, social media campaigns, event organization, and handling social media crises. In addition, I am also a creator of Marketing campaigns in the Information Technology industry.
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Kinh nghiệm làm việc

  • Head of Communication & Marketing

    TECHVIFY Software

    - Responsible for and managing the Center of Communication and Marketing
    - Give direction and assign specific work to employees in the department;
    - Guiding and motivating employees to complete the work on schedule.
    - Organize and manage the domestic brand building and development activities.
    - Propose creative ideas to convey media messages and regularly update business news on media channels.
    - Establish and maintain relationships with press agencies, media as well as handle media crises.
    - Monitor and report progress and results of communication activities.
    - Develop and promote branding architectures that align with the company's business goals and objectives.
    - Maximize maximum brand effect through the development of inbound marketing activities.
    - Ensure all services and other activities are consistent with the brand identity; Continuous brand management process.
    - Formulate a marketing plan within the required budget scope.
    - Coordinate with all departments to identify internal and external customer needs.
    - Monitor, evaluate and report on industry-compatible activities; make recommendations based on results/opportunities discovered.
    - Develop, manage and execute the annual strategic communication and marketing plan for TECHVIFY to span all media (online and offline) and reach the appropriate target based on possible target performance tools.
    - Evaluate the success of various communication strategies and provide and implement recommendations for improvement.

    10/2021 - Hiện tại
  • Branding & Communication Team Leader

    DM Media & Entertainment

    - Plan, execute and coordinate public relations programs
    - Arrange and budget for PR events, campaigns, and initiative
    - Create or review the online content in media announcements and media kits
    - Check and coordinate content produced for social media (Facebook Fanpage, Linkedin, Tiktok...)
    - Build and manage all Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    - Help in creating and reviewing a variety of promotional and marketing materials
    - Develop and carry out PR policies and procedures
    - Define KPIs for the PR department
    - Measure and make reports on each PR campaign, event
    - Supervise corporate image frequently and ensure it complies with company brand
    - Hire, onboard, and educate new members of the public relations department
    - Create content for various speeches, events, hearings…
    - Craft and implement crisis communications guide and media strategy, as needed

    09/2021 - 09/2021
  • Marketing And Public Relations Specialist

    Hoa Binh Construction Group

    - Organizing PR events: ideation, planning, and budgeting (Internal training events, training events at universities, topping-out / groundbreaking events at many projects, cooperation events...)
    - Create the online content on social media (Facebook fan page, Page)
    - Make reports on each PR event
    - Create content for the Board of Director's speeches…
    - Maintain long-term relationships with media people, journalists, VIP investors

    01/2018 - 12/2019

Quá trình học tập

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    Vietnam University of Commerce

    Bachelor of Laws - LLB, Business/Commerce, General

    08/2014 - 06/2018

Kỹ năng & chứng chỉ


Personnel Management

TikTok Creator Marketplace

Branding & Identity


English: Advanced level

Project Management Foundation (PMF)

Issued by: TECHVIFY Software
Year: 2022

Fundamental Business Analysis

Issued by: BAC
Year: 2021

Negotiating and Contract Drafting Certificate

Issued by: Vietnam University of Commerce
Year: 2016

Chủ nhật, 17-07-2022

Em cảm ơn chị Trà rất nhiều vì buổi tư vấn hữu ích. Chị Trà đã rất kiên nhẫn và tâm huyết trong suốt buổi trò chuyện. Mặc dù thời gian đối thoại gần 2 tiếng nhưng chị luôn vui vẻ và trả lời hết những câu hỏi của em. Chúc chị luôn thành công và hạnh phúc trong cuộc sống ^^

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Linh Trần
Software Programmer tại Celebi

Thứ 7, 09-07-2022

Rất vinh dự được làm Mentee đầu tiên của chị Trà, chị Trà rất giàu kinh nghiệm và truyền cảm hứng. Cách tiếp cận và trò chuyện của chị dễ thương và gần gũi vô cùng. Các chia sẻ của chị Trà đều dưa trên kinh nghiệm làm việc thực tế mà chị đã trải qua nên rất thực tế. Em xin chúc chị thành công trong sự nghiệp và lan tỏa nhiều giá trị hơn đến với cộng đồng ạ!

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Hoa Thanh Trần

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