Ngoc Thien Ly Huynh

Actuarial Assistant/Paraplanner tại Berry Actuarial Planning


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I am a responsible, sociable and adaptable girl, who is fond of challenging myself in every working environment.
Graduated with an Actuarial Studies Bachelor Degree and working as a Financial Adviser Assistant/Paraplanner, I feel lucky of having opportunities to understand and be involved in both insurance and financial industry.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

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    Actuarial Assistant/Paraplanner

    Berry Actuarial Planning

    - Preparation half-yearly advice documents for advisers to discuss at half yearly review meetings with clients, then attending to any related follow through tasks that come from the review meeting eg updating ATO and centrelink records, organising investments and member transactions (pensions and contributions).
    - Define, analyze, and solve complex financial and business problems relating to a client’s financial circumstances with a specific focus on superannuation accounts including both self-managed superannuation funds and industry funds such as contribution, pension and investment planning, and then facilitating the execution of these plans with the relevant adviser.
    - Undertaking analysis required to be able to contribute along with the adviser to the ongoing execution of a client’s investment strategy, based on client’s risk profile from which is resolved a target asset allocation (between income and growth assets). This includes ensuring the background data is on file to support all investment recommendations.
    - Applying actuarial skills to projecting a client’s financial circumstances forward so as to help the adviser and client resolve suitable strategies that also includes consideration of the risks involved and contributing ideas on how to manage these.
    - Preparation of life insurance advice including premium quotations and underwriting pre assessments and then following through to ensure outcomes go as expected.
    - Engage with clients speaking Vietnamese to better access Australian financial services.

    12/2019 - Hiện tại
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    Actuarial Valuation Intern

    Chubb Insurance

    - Inquired knowledge about life insurance industry and company products.
    - Developed existing models to evaluate products.
    - Analyzed numerical and statistical data from systems and other departments for month-end report.
    - Built new Excel tool merging different types of company products.
    - Responsible for investigating and writing guidance about Policyholder Account Value Adjustment, Account Value Reconciliation, Policy Movement.
    - Did Sample Checking for year- end audit

    11/2018 - 02/2019
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    Valuation Actuarial Intern

    AAA Assurance Corporation – Subsidiary of IAG (Insurance Australia Group) in Vietnam

    - Investigated general insurance industry
    - Practiced getting used to Triangle Method; Chain Ladder Method to do Solvency and projections.
    - Calculated data related to Actuary such as: Earned Premium, Loss Ratio, Claim Frequency based on real data.
    - Read Annual Report and analyzed data to predict future trend.

    11/2017 - 02/2018

Quá trình học tập

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    Kaplan Professionals

    Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning

    10/2021 - Hiện tại
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    Macquarie University, NSW, Australia

    Actuarial Studies/ Actuary

    - Rewarded “Vietnamese Macquarie Scholarship”, provided $5000/year
    - Exempted Core Technical subjects from Actuaries Institute (Australia)
    CT1: Financial Mathematics and CT5: Contingencies
    (equivalent to CM1 -Actuarial Mathematics 1)
    CT3: Probability and Mathematical Statistics
    (equivalent to CS1 - Actuarial Statistics 1)
    CT4: Models and CT6: Statistical Methods
    (equivalent to CS2 -Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis) CT7: Business Economics
    (equivalent to CB2 -Business Economics)
    CT8: Financial Economics
    (equivalent to CM2 -Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving)

    08/2016 - 12/2019
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    International School of Business (ISB), University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH), Vietnam

    Bachelor of Business Admistration

    Rewarded “ISB scholarship”

    09/2013 - 02/2016
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    Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted

    High School

    GPA Grade 10: 8.5/10
    GPA Grade 11: 8.9/10
    GPA Grade 12: 8.3/10

    09/2010 - 05/2013

Hoạt động ngoại khóa

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    Macquarie University, NSW, Australia

    Unit Representative

    - Conducted surveys about unit experiences for students
    - Filtered information, analysed data.
    - Wrote reports to Department Representative and Unit Convenor.

    08/2019 - 12/2019
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    UAVS – The United Associations of Vietnamese Students in NSW

    Internal Affairs Manager

    - Achieved “Excellent Performance” as Internal Affairs Manager from Vietnam Embassy in Australia.
    - Planned recruiting process; recruited new members for team. Set KPI and did KPI - calculating templates; did paper work related to culture of UAVS.
    - Made budget plan for events; planned internal events such as: team bonding and external events related to careers or making connection.

    03/2018 - 08/2019
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    MOV - Macquarie Overseas Vietnamese Society


    - Successfully improved in delegating relevant tasks among leaders in each team and members.
    - Effectively associated and kept good connection with team leaders: meeting per two-week, more meeting when organized events.
    - Recruited new members for management board team.
    - Extremely efficient in organizing traditional BBQ event each semester for Vietnamese students, which approximately 70 participants/ event.
    - Collaborated with other countries societies to create multi-cultural events for students such as “Welcome Southeast Asian newbies to Macquarie University”, with nearly 100 participants.
    - Advanced in team-work as working with 20 MOV board members and other societies’ leaders when creating collaborating events.
    - Kept company with more than 5 leaders of different societies to maintain network for MOV in MQ.

    03/2017 - 03/2018

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PTE (Pearson English Language Tests)

PTE (Pearson English Language Tests) overall 82 (all band 79)

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