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As a highly motivated Fresh-graduate earning High Distinction Bachelor's Degree from Foreign Trade University HCMC majoring in International Business Economics in pursuit of career in Marketing with a solid history of achievements, my long- term objectives are aiming to fulfill the career path of becoming a high-level employee in Marketing area and becoming an influencer on official communication channels.

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    Brand Marketing Intern (Full-time)


    High frequency of interaction with Agency, Sales, Trade, Finance, Purchasing, E-commerce, Digital, CRM & QC Team. Assisted Brand Manager in both ATL and BTL activities:

    *Project: "Abbott Grow Vietnam Summer Campaign"
    - Oversaw content creation (shoots, consumer promotion items including POSMs, gifts, special packs, ...) in Youtube MV and other marketing activities. During Summer Campaign 2022, Abbott Grow Vietnam had not only been promoted brand attributes and reached target markets and audiences but also increased consumer awareness effectively.
    - Leveraged and optimized various kinds of user growth tools and incentives, especially influencer management skill handling agency to book macro KOLs driving effectively user acquisition and engagement.
    - Executed campaign assets development (e.g. emails, landing pages, social media contents and lead forms) and tracked performance report during Lead Generation program to gain target users information for analyzing and identifying insights/characteristics.
    - Managed SEM digital marketing strategy made to increase Abbott Grow Vietnam website visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

    *Project: "Abbott Grow Vietnam Kindergarten & Industrial Activation"
    - Managed stock of promotion gifts & sales at activation points (traditional trade channels including family groceries, wet markets, kindergartens and industrial areas). Mass-controlled effectively more than 1,000 activation points across Vietnam (North, Central, South).
    - Conducted field trade at activation points in HCMC, Mekong Delta for tracking of marketing in-store visibility and PGs execution led to understand the actual Point of Sale.
    - Established strong relations with Sales Team and advised them about improving growth plan.
    - Supervised third-parties in running activation activities through performance reports and visualizing data (Excel).

    *Project: "Abbott Super Brand Day 28.07.2022" on Lazada E-commerce platform
    - Took on an E-commerce lead role working closely with cross-function teams - Commercial, Production Agency, Traffic Operations, E- commerce to brainstorm package commitments of Abbott Grow Vietnam (shop in shop, social media contents, emails, livestream).
    - Monitored schedule, cost, effectiveness and result, provided solutions to meet KPIs.
    - Directly participated in preparation affairs at the beginning to the end of the livestream session: Built and optimized the script; Successfully took on a Master of Ceremony (MC) role collaborated with KOC to monitor the session; Transmitted product and brand information with a clear purpose to KOC to ensure the conveyed information is effective and appropriate helping increase revenue, target audiences and engagements; Controlled and coordinated the livestream session to comply with schedule and plan: product availability checks to add in livestream cart, vouchers management, handled technical issues, instructed KOC basic Lazada livestream skills.
    - Consolidated and analyzed performance report after the livestream session to evaluate effectiveness: Page View (11,229 views) | Unique Visitors (5,680 people) | Click Through Rate (8.2%) | Engagement (48,220 interactions) | Step Guided IPV (944 views) | A2C Count (156 times) | Gross Merchandise Value (16,782 USD). Link livestream for reference: (https://bom.so/X68sHR)

    *Project: "Abbott Grow Vietnam Kindergarten Campaign" & "SESAME Project"
    - Collaborated and directed Production Agency to create emails, social media content on Facebook, Tiktok, Zalo OA channels (e.g. social quiz, mini-game, articles, ZNSs).
    - Conceptualized and managed stakeholders to brainstorm and develop unprecedented promotional gift ideas (total budget: US$207.000) adapted with Kindergarten theme: "Puzzles Collection", "Giraffe Canvas Pen Bag".

    *Other tasks assigned:
    - ATL: Collaborated, drafted and supervised Creative Teams to produce high-qualitied and impactful product marketing materials for AWO programs (e.g. emails, lead generations, E-commerce x Abbott Grow Vietnam brand days, Zalo OA channel posts).
    - BTL: Developed artworks; Monitored on upgrading Abbott Grow Vietnam activation app; Registered Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency
    (VIETRADE)/Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT) for promotion programs; Recorded keeping of all developed marketing assets; Assisted with daily administrative duties (PO, PR, QC, meeting room booking & logistics); Received keeping agency license & management.

    04/2022 - 08/2022

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    International Business Economics

    - Bachelor’s Degree of International Business Economics (Key courses included but not limited to Brand Marketing, International Marketing, Principles of Marketing, International Transactions, Business Risk Management and International Investment)
    - GPA 3.65/4.0 - 8.42/10 (High Distinction)
    - Graduated early (Half a Year)

    08/2018 - 04/2022
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    - GPA: Grade 10 (9.9/10), Grade 11 (9.7/10), Grade 12 (9.6/10)
    - Graduated Valedictorian

    08/2015 - 08/2018

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