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Senior Business Analyst tại BKAV Corp.

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Định hướng nghề nghiệp: Business Analyst

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Hi friends, Robin is here.
I graduated excellently from Hanoi Foreign Trade University in 2018 and have been working as in IT industry since Oct 2017.
I'm a person that is always eager to learn and discover new things. For me, nothing is the limit.
I always pursue innovation, creativity and try my best to make a better myself no matter when and where.
If you have the same perspective as me, please don't hesitate to connect me and we'll make good friends

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

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    Senior Business Analyst

    BKAV Corp.

    • Project:
    o Online travel agent platform (OTA) selling Hotels, Restaurants, Tour and other Travel products.
    Main features are: Booking; Purchasing; Product management, Order & Promotion management, Supplier & Customer management; Billing & Payment module; Contact center – Chatbot; Data analytics).
    o Multi-vendor ecommerce platform. Users are Hotel & Restaurant owners; Travel agencies and Travel product suppliers.
    o Website portal for Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Frontend and CMS).
    o Mobile application for K12 teachers, students and parents under Department of Education and Training.

    • Scope of work:
    o Collaborate with Product Owners and Clients to collect, elicit and clarify business objectives and requirements (Output: User stories & Acceptance criterias). Next, design and evaluate SWOT of all possible options fulfilling the requirements. Then, recommend the final solution.
    o Collaborate with Technical manager and Outsourcing partner to design system architecture including: Server infrastructure (HA, caching); Database management system; Programing language & Framework; multi-API integration.
    o Develop Project timeline.
    o Develop Product backlogs & roadmaps.
    o Support Project bidding:
     Present and demostrate products to Investors and Departments.
     Prepare bidding documents - System solution design.
    o Support other Business analysts to design solutions for their projects.
    o Tools: Axure, Figma, Draw.io, Balsamiq, Microsoft & Google office.
    o Output: BPMN & Business requirements document; Funtional requirements document; Project timeline; Product backlogs; Feature map; SRS document (including UML diagrams, Funtional and Non-functional requirements); Mock-up & basic prototype.

    07/2020 - Hiện tại
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    Business Analyst

    Stringee JS

    Business analyst (80%):
    o Collaborate with Clients, BOD and other Stakeholders (Sales, Marketing, Customer service team) to collect, elicit and clarify requirements.
    o Implement user research and market research (competitors & clients) to create product backlogs and sprint backlogs.
    o Analyze User persona, Industry knowledge, Business processes & Stakeholder requirements, then create a detailed business analysis (outline problems and opportunities), design mini-CRM, Customer service software, Contact center platform, Communication API solutions and consult clients.
    o Be responsible for SRS documents including BPMN, Use case specification, functional requirements, UML diagram, Wireframe & Frontend Mock-up.
    KPI: An 100-page document with 20 functions/ features is prepared in 2 – 3 days.
    o Present projects’ target, clarify requirements and acceptance criterias to development team.
    o Collaborate with Development team to ensure all requirements are fulfilled.
    o Provide product training to Clients and Stakeholders.
    o Assist Product manager to develop product road-map.
    • Project manager (20%):
    o Develop detailed project plans and manage projects’ processes/ progress according to Agile/Scrum methodology.
    Frequency: Kick-off new sprints each 2 weeks; participating in 3 projects at the same time.
    o Work under Product manager & CTO to allocate projects/ tasks to 12 Developers and 3 Testers.
    o Control and monitor project members to ensure tasks and projects are completed on schedule.

    01/2020 - Hiện tại
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    English Teacher


    08/2017 - 10/2017
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    International Customer Experience Specialist

    Topica Edtech Group

    • Project manager:
    o Investigate and identify problems in service, human resources and management of IT division, then submit the project proposal to CIO – After 3-week on job, launching ITIL v3 project – 1 year project at Group level, successfully.
    (ITIL – a framework containing the best practice guide for providing IT products & services effectively in an organization)
    o Manage ITIL v3 project of 10 IT helpdesk & QA members to improve IT services & systems’ quality. The project scope includes:
    Develop a process to provide IT services and support customers;
    Build service operation process and procedures;
    Build and manage service level agreement and operational level agreement;
    Build Jira portal to manage IT members’ performance, IT projects and customers’ IT requirements;
    Training about 100 IT members (IT managers, BA, Dev, QA, Tester, Helpdesk) about ITIL Framework.
    o Successfully finish ITIL project in just 5 months, which was planed to implement in 1 year and apply new processes/ workflow/ procedures to all IT teams of the Group.
    • Customer experience expert:
    o Provide Service attitude, Customer centric orientation, Knowledge and soft-skills training to 13 IT service desk staffs.
    o Evaluate Customer Satisfaction and Customer Effort Score at any touch point on the customer journey to define any problem, then enhance Help desk’s quality and provide better Customer experience.
    • Deputy head of IT Service desk center:
    o Be in charge of IT service provided to Thailand branch (Size: 200 people) including Internet service, Server, Communication infrastructure, System, Software.
    o Analyze data and submit IT service’s availability report to CIO and Directors

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    HR Intern

    Nestlé Waters

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    Foreign Trade University

    Business Administration and Management

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IIG Vietnam TOEIC - 975/990