Mai Lê Phương Nam

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Business Development cum Project Lead tại Glints Corporation

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Welcome to my world! My name is Nam (Mike), specialized in Business Development/Brand Development for MNCs with highly adaptable skills and exceptional English fluency, combined with Western pro-active mindset. Full-time Business Developer, Part-time English Teacher/Career & Daily Consultant/Cinema-photography.
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Kinh nghiệm làm việc

  • Business Development cum Project Lead

    Glints Corporation

    - Successfully guiding projects to a new profound goal & insights for the corporation development
    - Fastest ramp-up time performer to adapt with the new job.
    - Best BD of the Month

    05/2020 - Hiện tại
  • Account Manager - Thermal Media Division


    01/2020 - 04/2020
  • International Sales Executive

    Huỳnh Gia Agriculture JSC - HGA

    - Brought nearly $1 Million Gross Revenue within a Quota
    - Landed 2 high-caliber contracts whilst attending Hong Kong International Fair 2019
    - Account Managing over 1000 international clients from varied regions across a year.

    01/2019 - 01/2020
  • Educational Assistant

    Yola English Institute

    - Best Educational Assistant (EA) for Teaching/Guiding/Managing for multiple months
    - Most beloved EA rated by students/teachers

    07/2017 - 05/2019
  • Operation & Logistics Specialist - Internship

    Global Logistics & Express - GELVN

    01/2019 - 04/2019
  • Sports & Events Instructor - Contract Role

    Inspire Educamp

    12/2018 - 01/2019

Quá trình học tập

  • Tôn Đức Thắng University

    International Business

    07/2015 - 09/2019

Hoạt động ngoại khóa

  • International Volunteer Team - IVT (Tôn Đức Thắng University)

    Division Team Leader - Logistics Department

    (One of the International Volunteer Team members awarded a certificate of merit for contributing to the development of TDTU.)
    - Specialized in teaching and exchanging information,culture with international professors and students.
    - Worked as leader being responsible for varieties of members, projects, activities, etc. to ensure the optimal achievement goals.
    - Acted as MC for cultural exchanging ceremonies.
    - Worked with foreign professors and co-workers, co-established multiple projects requested from Deans to build professional & social relationship for the upcoming long-term business agreements.
    - Handled tour-guiding responsibilities in both urban & suburb areas.

    08/2016 - 09/2019
  • Vietnamese Students’ Association (Class level)


    - Created and organized activities
    - Maintained and improved the progression of class achievements
    - Participated in the essential meetings for brainstorming & negotiating plans for the betterment of class level contributed to the university organization.
    - Monthly reported news & processes to the head throughout multiple activities within that period of time.

    07/2015 - 09/2019
  • International Business Club


    - Organized marketing plans & social influence for promoting the club via social media & daily forms of promotion.
    - Contributed in organizational structures in multiple fundamental fields to ascend the positive impact & development of the club.
    - Researched about Import-Export methods, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, etc.
    - Organized all activities related to major.

    07/2015 - 09/2019

Tên giải thưởng

  • One of the International Volunteer Team members awarded a certificate of merit for contributing to the development of TDTU

    This award was presented during my days at the team, for successfully establishing long-term business relationship with international colleges/universities on behalf of my Dean & President at TDTU

  • Awarded with English top ranking - TOEIC

Kỹ năng & chứng chỉ

Critical Thinking - Multi Dimension

English Fluency/Ultility

Management Skills


MOS Word/Excel


Negotiation Skills