Nguyen Dang Truong Huy

Chief Operation Officer tại Frontier Leader Institute

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Hi, I'm Truong

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  • Chief Operation Officer

    Frontier Leader Institute

    Frontier Leader Institute is a trustworthy strategic management partner of C-levels that is having difficulty in building a strong team, developing and optimizing the performance of core members on the roadmap of becoming a fast-growing, sustainable, and legendary billion-dollar enterprise by offering a leadership assessment & evaluation platform, AI matching with global active senior leaders with more than 15 years tenured of leadership experiences.

    04/2022 - Hiện tại
  • Startup Mentor - Vietnam

    Faster Capital (UAE)

    FasterCapital is an online incubator that offers multiple programs to help startups. FasterCapital has currently more than 20 companies that graduated from its technical cofounder program and more than 280 companies in its acceleration program (help in raising capital and mentorship).
    FasterCapital has multiple programs:
    - Tech cofounder program where our internal technical team will build the whole product from A to Z and we invest 50% of the money needed per equity basis. We will fill the role of a tech partner and provide the whole technical development with experience in technologies such as Java, nodejs, PHP, react, angular, python, perl, deep learning, android, objective-C and swift; and knowledge of Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, IoT and Big Data. This program has been implemented and proved to be successful with more than 20 startups so far.
    - Grow your startup program: A program that targets startups looking to increase their sales and grow. We help in product improvement, opening new markets for the startup, technical evaluation, product testing, sales and marketing. This program resembles partly what we usually provide in our technical cofounder program.

    04/2016 - Hiện tại

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  • favicon_icon

    London Business School

    Strategic Management

    02/2020 - 02/2021
  • favicon_icon

    Tra Vinh University

    Business Administration and Management, GeneralBachelor of Business Administration - BBA, Business Administration and Management,

    10/2013 - 10/2016

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Marketing, Digital Marketing, Leadership

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