Nguyen Hang

Collaborator of SMAG tại Margroup

Giới thiệu bản thân

Currently, I am a student majoring in International Finance at UEH.

I am on the way to experiencing and discovering myself so I am looking for professional internship opportunities in finance, sales, and marketing field with a view to finding the most suitable career path for me and having the chance to develop my skills, take on interesting projects, and connecting with people I can learn from.

A few of my core skills :
• Project management and planning • Leadership • Problem Solving • Communication and negotiation

I am driven to be the best at what I do and create positive value for the community.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

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    Collaborator of SMAG


    - Participate in organizing the event organizer of the CMO THINK AND ACTION 2023 contest.
    - Join in building the community group "Heal the soul" to gain users for the PULSE app.
    - Account and team leader for the project "Connecting 1500 creators for ZALO's new feature"

    10/2022 - Hiện tại
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    Marketing Intern

    Học viện Kỹ năng VTALK

    I used to work as a Marketing intern at VTALK Skills Academy, the first and most methodical training center for presentation skills in Vietnam. In that position, I have done jobs such as writing SEO on educational topics and being the liaison between the company and events at universities such as Foreign Trade University with more than 100 students attending the event.

Quá trình học tập

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    Tài chính quốc tế

    GPA: 3.8/4.0

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    Trường THPT Chuyên Hùng Vương

    Chuyên Anh

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Chứng chỉ khóa học hoàn thành khóa Marketing Foundation của Tomorrow Marketer

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