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Talent Acquisiton Intern tại DXC Technology Vietnam

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Hi, em là Như Quỳnh nhưng em thích được gọi là Xù. Hiện nay em đang là sinh viên năm 4, chuyên ngành quản trị nguồn nhân lực

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  • Talent Acquisiton Intern

    DXC Technology Vietnam

    02/2022 - Hiện tại
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    Recruitment Consultant

    HR1 Jobs

    - Sourcing and screening CVs upon assigned recruitment requests from
    - Convincing candidates to take the occupation
    - Building my own network
    - Approaching and storing 60 data (Sale, CS, IT)
    - Successfully inviting 11 candidates to join in the interview
    - Having 4 candidates onboard

    11/2021 - 12/2021

Quá trình học tập

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    Van Hien University

    Human Resources

    GPA: 3.5

    09/2018 - 09/2022

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    The World Largest Lesson

    AIESEC, the world's largest student-driven organisation, is the
    international platform for young people to explore and develop their
    potential leadership for them to have a positive impact on society.

    Joining as a volunteer of the organisation, through 2 meetings to hear the
    motivational speakers who talk about environmental issues, sustainable
    development,...After that, my team and I have been assigned to one
    secondary school to present those issues for the student. To enhance the
    purpose of protecting the environment, we prepared some games in
    collaboration with the awareness of environmental problems. This project gave
    me more memorable experiences and the good networking

    10/2019 - 10/2019


    I'm the founder of TEN, which stands for The Eco Nurturers, the youth
    organization, is a platform for young people to explore and develop their
    soft skills to improve the awareness of environmental issues.

    The work that I had done
    - Proudly established an orginization for the student to do social activities
    - I mainly built the core team and prepared the proposal for each trip
    - I found the sponsors for the orginization
    - I directly joined in every trip as a main manager

    04/2019 - 10/2019

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MOS 2016

800 pts


835 pts

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