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Customer Program/ Business Implementation Manager tại Ceva Logistics

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I'm Windy Huong Tran, I graduated from Hochiminh City University of Transport in 2009 with main major Sea Economics, and graduated MBA from Bolton University in 3/2021. I have over 14 years experiences of supply chain system management and support customers, 2 years of logistics in pharmaceutical company; I'm currently Customer Program Manager/Operational Key Account Manager of Ceva Logistics; In addition, I'm mentor of Give it back - Lead the change for supporting students and young generation for developing soft skills, self development, careers...
Besides I'm member of JCI Central Vietnam since 2021, I love doing yoga, have NLP coaching certificate as well.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

  • Customer Program/ Business Implementation Manager

    Ceva Logistics

    • Ensure existing business is retained through Performance Management, Proactive Resolution of issues, and timely avoidance or mitigation of failures.
    • Manage to ensure related Stakeholder comply to committed Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Ensure that Customer’s KPIs, milestones and invoice accuracy are met.
    • Drive Organic Business Growth by identifying growth opportunities with Customer by leveraging on relationship and information available.
    • Act as Business Liaison (Internal and External Stakeholders) by managing and communicating customer’s requirements.
    • Host Customer Business Reviews (Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Yearly) meetings. Collect, compile, aggregate and develop Customer Data to present the value CEVA brings to the Customer and its Business.
    • Support or oversees operational implementation. Initiate implementation for new or additional business with CEVA Implementation/Project Management Team.
    • Drive Continuous Improvement initiatives through Data Analytics.
    • Acts as Account Manager for customers without any Commercial Account Owner. Maintain healthy a profitability, manage Account Receivables and mitigate Claims Resolutions as an Account Manager.

    Implementation tasks:

    • Effectively identifying business rules and requirements
    • Development of Standard Operating Procedure
    • Train SCS Origin/Destination on new business requirements
    • Provide assistance during vendor seminar preparation
    • Develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation, and presentations
    • Achieve post implementation steady-state and transition to Origin
    • Operations/Destination Account Management
    • Coordination with origin to execute operational implementation
    • Conduct project post-mortems and create a recommendations report in order to identify successful and unsuccessful project elements

    09/2021 - Hiện tại
  • Vice Director of Business Matching Program JCI 2021 (BMP21)

    JCI Vietnam

    From 2021, responding JCI RISE campaign by JCI, a new initiative to sustain and rebuild economies and strengthen workforce morale as we face the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic together, JCI Vietnam launches “BUSINESS MATCHING PROGRAM” (BMP) - a digital platform that enhances support among enterprises inside/outside JCI, as well as increases chances of international trade.
    • Cooperating with Tiki, Lazada, Haravan, Shopee to bring JCI SMEs products for trading in ecommerce platform.
    • Operating events of sharing knowledge about ecommerce with speakers from Tiki, SMEs who succeed to bring their products in ecommerce platform.
    • Operating Haravan platform training, Google training for 30 excellent students from ecommerce from FTU, UEH, Ton Duc Thang, Van Lang, UEF…
    • Managing a team of 5 people with multiple tasks from event, law, ecommerce, logistics, marketing.

    03/2021 - 11/2021
  • Case Manager- SaaS/ Client Service Specialist

    Tradecard/ GTNexus/ Infor Nexus (Infor)

    Infor Nexus -a service company offering supply chain web-based application (SaaS- Software as a service) which connects buyers, suppliers, and logistics providers, finance providers…in transaction. My main job is instructing the customers (vendors) use the system to create the documents, do settlement and solve problems like payment relate to system. Some of our buyers: Adidas, Nike, Columbia sportswear, Home Depot, Patagonia, Gap, Deckers, Dick Sporting Goods, Puma, Guess, Levi’s, Lululemon, PVH, Wolverine, Ralph Lauren, Oakley, Coach, 511…Partners/Vendors: Kwang Viet, Dean Shoes, Pan Pacific, Pou Chen,…Factories: Nha Be, Huu Nghi, May10, Thai Binh, Lang Giang, Bac Giang… Forwarders: DHL, Expeditors, Kuehne & Nagel, DSV, Damco…Financial service providers: Linklogis, HSBC, Citibank, Seabury, IFC, RTS…

    • Interact and manage customer’s inquiry or complaint over the phone and through email; this includes troubleshooting, answering questions, and analysis of reported issues/ cases/ tickets
    • Responds to customer’s inquiries and/or complaints in a timely manner - research and analysis customer inquiry/complaint, identify problem, respond and trouble shooting.
    • Resolve customers inbound product questions and issues
    • Identify and prioritize problem cases and route cases to appropriate or designated resources for resolution and to follow up until case is fully resolved.
    • Work with support team to identify root causes and derive solutions.
    • Generate customer cases/tickets using service management tools (Salesforce, Infor Extreme)
    • Log details of inquiry/complaint, its comments and actions taken for record keeping
    • Understand the specific customer and its trading partner relationship requirements - help users to complete transactions of Procure to pay (P2P) and Factory management (FM) on the GT Nexus’s platform
    • Monitor transactions and proactively reaching out to customers to assist with completion of their tasks. Monitor payments and financial account activity for customers
    • Document supporting procedures and solutions for common problems.
    • Communicate with various internal departments and our partners to ensure an integrated approach is delivered to resolve our client's problems.
    • Provide training to clients on various systems and their functionalities.
    • Ensure delivery of quality customer service. Elicits feedback from customers to monitor their satisfaction. Using Salesforce system for control cases and reply to customer’s requirement shortly.
    • Provide daily guidance, training and communication to junior team members so that high standard of customer services is provided in a timely, efficient, knowledgeable and professional manner.
    • Join to arrange shift schedule for customer service team
    • Built relationship with partners/ customers, help them to use system successfully with full of satisfaction timely

    09/2012 - 01/2021
  • Logistics Officer

    Pharmalink/ INVIDA pharmaceutical Ltd., Singapore

    • Order stock monthly base on sale forecast to make sure not over imported or out of stock
    • Communicate with regional logistics and manufacturers for ordering and solving problem, address other concerns.
    • Follow up shipment and shipping documents weekly from regional logistics or manufactures to ensure the timely arrival of imported finished goods and cooperate to agency for custom clearance.
    • Follow up import licenses (visa, quota, certificates of free goods, ISO, GMP…) for valid date with regulatory department to make bridging stock if any
    • Coordinate with regulatory department in Hanoi for registration products
    • Check stock daily in Hochiminh City and Hanoi to have proper actions/solutions to improve if necessary; Ensure stock movement is correct, reconcile inventory. Check and control shelf life of products.
    • Cooperate to partner- 3rd logistics to efficiency warehousing, control sample stock-expired/damaged stock-shortage.
    • Do reports to regional logistics monthly for inventory
    • Send the Inventory Analysis Report on a monthly basis to the various Business Units

    02/2010 - 08/2012
  • Shipping Clerk

    Columbia Sportswear

    • Following up shipment status as on production plan
    • Ensuring factories in compliance of shipping procedures of placing booking accurately, submitting document on time etc ….as requested by headquarter.
    • Checking shipping document from vendors and approving Trade card for payment process.
    • Coordinating with production merchandisers for any change of shipping plan, priority shipment or claims back from buyers.
    • Updating JDE (system of Columbia sportswear) for air and sea shipment.

    09/2009 - 02/2010

Quá trình học tập

  • Bolton University


    07/2019 - 03/2021
  • favicon_icon

    Hochiminh University of Transport

    Sea Transport Economics

    09/2004 - 06/2009

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  • JCI

    Vice Director of Social Marketing Kickstarter 2022

    Social Marketing Kickstarter 2022
    The contest aims to provide practical and certified knowledge of Social Marketing for 3rd and 4th year university students and give them the opportunities to perform in using Social Marketing skills to solve society’s problems and connect with enterprises in the same fields.

    We believe that the competition is a bridge between the company and the talented candidates who are young, enthusiastic, creative.

    03/2022 - 07/2022
  • JCI

    Vice Director of Business Matching Program 2021

    03/2021 - 11/2021

Thứ 5, 13-07-2023

Cảm ơn chị Winndy Huong Tran, em đã biết thêm nhiều điều ý nghĩa sau buổi cố vấn. Chủ đề em và chị trao đổi là về ngành Logistics và Quản lý chuỗi cung ứng. Nhờ chia sẻ của chị mà em đã hiểu thêm về ngành một cách tổng quan (như một chiếc tủ lạnh ^^) và chuyên sâu hơn, chia thành nhiều ngách nhỏ. Tiếp theo chị giúp em hiểu thêm về tình trạng Logistics tại Việt Nam, từ đó hiểu thị trường Logistics và những vị trí việc làm khác nhau. Ngoài ra còn các kỹ năng quan trọng như giao tiếp, networking,... cũng rất quan trọng khi làm trong lĩnh vực này. Em hy vọng sau này còn có thể book lịch với mentor tiếp ạ.

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