Huynh Kim Ngan

Marketing Communication tại Pharmatech AS Norway (Food Supplements Industry)


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I am a passionate marketer who embraces that favor international mindset, and independent thinking, and have over 2.5 years of insight and experience in Food supplements, Manufacturing, and Beauty Industries (developing marketing strategies as well as execution plans for food supplements in one of the top three Pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe). My key strengths have been high flexibility under changing & high-pressure working environments, result-oriented with 100% deliverables for notice assignments. My passions have been continuously exploring new challenges, eager to learn new knowledge to deliver business objectives. I am looking for a Marketing Communication position across Manufacturing Engineering, Technology, FnB, and Beauty Industries.

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    Marketing Communication

    Pharmatech AS Norway (Food Supplements Industry)

    - Working directly with a Commercial Director and MKT Manager to build and implement an IMC Plan to serve the goal of the product's brand and business development according to the company's general goals.
    - Conducting market research to plan and implement to grasp market trends to come up with appropriate and effective advertising ideas and marketing campaigns.
    - Planning promotion scheme, post mail, and store display in the first quarter and early second quarter for the Pharmacy chain and also be responsible for content, TVC, images, POSM.
    - Combining with Health and Lifestyle Newspaper - Ministry of Health to conduct seminars on products (Supporting to creation of detailed program guidelines, finalizing rapporteurs & reports, completing PR projects: before - during - after the conference).
    - Collaborating with Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy to conduct a seminar related to oral health protection lozenge products.
    - Coordinating closely with the planning team, sales team and relevant departments to develop sales strategies to manage wholesale, retail prices, and other marketing & sales programs according to the assigned budget to achieve business goals.
    - Supporting distribution channel partners to compose company & product proposal slide presentations and host training programs through Zoom software.
    - Working with suppliers to receive samples, quote for product packaging items, and contact them for the system to order.
    - Reporting directly to the manager.

    02/2023 - Hiện tại
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    Marketing Executive

    Lam Thanh - (Manufacturing Industry)

    - Being responsible for creating, marketing plans and writing content, images, video clips to develop & maintain social networks (Fanpage, Instagram, Linkedin) to build and develop products' brand according to the company's general goals.
    - Supporting business partners (B2B) to send POSM, host training programs on Facebook advertising, compose product proposal slide presentations and send product and factory information.
    - Preparing and setting up POSM and collaborating directly with the sales team to decorate the company's showroom.
    - Writing SEO and Blogs, editing and updating articles on website, responding, replying to all messages and comments of customers.
    - Working directly with the Agency to build and set Facebook ads plan campaign to increase the company's brand awareness.
    - Working with suppliers to receive samples, quotations for products packaging items and contacting the system to order
    - Supporting the idea of the fair layout (preparing POSMs, samples, gifts, photos, videos) and sell out.

    02/2021 - 12/2021
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    Doxa Corp Agency

    - Being in charge of the Yumeisakura Lipstick cosmetic project (Making proposal plan and proposal content for the project).
    - Preparing content and images to introduce new products on social media and organizing minigame activities on Lipstick fan page.
    - Supporting ideas for promotion schemes and preparing content, images and TVC to sell out new products on social media.
    - Working directly with the design team to complete brief designs and following activities to ensure projects and campaigns are in progress and achieve KPIs.
    - Writing content SEO and content Social other industries (relating to F&B, FMCG, Beauty, Education, Travel) to support sell-out.

    06/2020 - 09/2020

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Google Digital Garage, Social Media Certified (HubSpot).

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