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A curious mind craves for being comprehensive everything in this world. I always want my sketch idea brought to real life with the best execution in it.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

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    Account Executive

    Thread & Needle

    - Communicate with clients on daily requirements and executions
    - Project management: Plan, organize and supervise specific projects including detailed plan, timeline, budget for clients, in terms of content & digital marketing.
    - Strategic planning and making proposal to solve client's problem

    Key projects:
    - Panasonic (IMC Campaign with more than 12 activities: Video production, OOH, PR, Social booking, SEM, GDN, Facebook always on content, Ads on 5 different channel,..) with 3 campaigns: celling fan, lighting, Vfan
    - MSB Social video production
    - DOJI TVC production
    - Strategic planning for: EZVIZ, Panasonic, Nagakawa.
    - Win 3 project for more than 1,900,000,000 VND after almost 3 months joining company

    09/2021 - 03/2021
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    Account Executive

    Enter Agency

    Account Executive
    - In charge of managing 8 Facebook campaigns, 2 production projects for 6 key clients including output of proposal, digital plan, content plan, execute plan, execution, budget and timeline.
    Digital execution: Work towards achieving client goals and sharing strategic insight to scale effectively up through varied Digital Marketing channels: Facebook, Instagram,...
    - Manage & coordinate with more than 12 clients, 5 production houses, 2 printing house and 5 internal related departments.
    - Ensure the media coverage for client’s brand to support branding and marketing campaigns, KOL management, video and photo production,.. based on detailed ongoing analysis of IMC campaigns and data of industry trends, competitive landscape and business information.
    - Take overall leadership of 4 projects, independent decision making abilities.
    Tracking & Report: Keep track all execute budgets and control timeline, analysis and report of client’s performances (digital channels: Facebook, Instagram,... and reports for impact on sales and brand score providing insights for further marketing opportunities).
    Key projects:
    - The most popular Golf competition - FLC VN Masters 2019 - FLC & VPGA (Production - Account Manager of the project).
    - Yutang - Golden Gate Group (F&B, Account Manager of the project, Producer).
    - Vinfast - Vingroup (Production, Account Executive).
    - Vincom - Vingroup (Content writer).
    - Mykingdom (Toys, Account Manager of the project).
    - Leo Vital - BB Group (FMCG, Account Manager of the project, Producer).
    - Vinci (F&B, Account Executive, Associate Production Manager).
    - Deliver 150% sale target, contribute more than 1,1 billion VND for revenue, amount of return client is 66,67%
    - Lead a CRM campaign-“7 days with kid” for Mykingdom with 4.000.000 reach, 50.000 engagements, 456 hashtags joining mini contest to raise money for poor children.

    01/2019 - 02/2021

Quá trình học tập

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    Thuong Mai University


    GPA: 2.8

Hoạt động ngoại khóa

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    Leader of Communication Team

    - Leading and managing 8 people in team
    - Creating communication plan for email platforms, press releases, pages, websites, newsletter, set KPI and checking task of member in team.
    - Working with newspapers and NGOs

    Recognition and Gains:
    - The project has been up to 8 major newspapers such as Tienphong Online, Vietnamnet, .... and was reported about the project from VTV6, VTC10,...
    - Presentation, team work and leadership skills.

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    Leader of Hanoi department/ Project Manager/ Leader of External Affairs Team/ HR Manager

    - Launch FMT program in Hanoi and train a new team from zero to 10 core members with enthusiastic, hard working, result-oriented attitude with diverse backgrounds.
    - Construct and allocate working models for HR, Finance, Data, CRM and Marketing team.
    - Organise and supervise an offline communication event for UFLP 2019 in Hanoi with nearly 230 register forms, 161 people sending deposit fee, 131 people joining after 2 weeks.
    - Approach to negotiate for a contract with British American Tobacco company to organize the communication campaign of Battle Of Mind contest and LEAF Global Graduate program 2019, successfully sign a 100.000.000 VND contract for the organization

Tên giải thưởng

  • I-startup 2019 - National Economics University

    First Runner-up

  • Marketing Big Day 2018 - Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology university

    First prize

  • Talent Generation 2018 organized by UNESCO-CEP and Techcombank

    Top 20 team in the Northern Vietnam

  • Vietnam Next 2015

    a competition to find top non profit project which can change Vietnam community held by Institute For Social, Economic and Environmental studies (Isee).

Thứ 6, 10-09-2021

Cảm ơn Mai về những gì sắp tới chị em mình có thể đồng hành cùng nhau. Cảm ơn những chia sẻ và nhận ra của em sau phiên Coach để thấy trân trọng những gì đã đi cùng mình bấy lâu và có động lực để đối diện với những điều đó. Bong bóng rồi sẽ vỡ nhưng mình đã sẵn sàng mạnh mẽ để bảo vệ chính mình cũng như theo đuổi dự định mà mình đã đề ra. Hồi bé là ước mơ còn bây giờ thì trong tầm tay mình rồi nè. :")

Đánh giá từ Mentor

Mai Anh
Co-Founder tại LaBan Coaching

Thứ 6, 03-09-2021

Cảm ơn Mai về những chia sẻ ngày hôm nay của em, những điều em nhận ra thật đẹp như kỉ niệm hôm nay chị đã có cùng em. Vì mình biết giá trị của kỉ niệm nên ngày hôm nay trở nên đẹp hơn bao giờ hết. <3

Đánh giá từ Mentor

Mai Anh
Co-Founder tại LaBan Coaching

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