Nhi Dam Ky

Senior HRBP Commercial& Corporate Services tại BAT

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A skilled professional with knowledge of handling HR process, recruitment, training, sales HR and supporting senior expatriate positions like Customer Development Director (CDD) & Chief Finance Officer (CFO) in developing and driving buisness.

Specialties: Outstanding Translator (written & verbal) from Vietnamese to English with acquired experiences in Recruitment , Payroll, Orientation Management, General administration, Employee Insurance, Compensation & Benefits, HR Audit, Development & Conduct of Training Programs and Finance & Procurement Operations

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    Senior HRBP Commercial& Corporate Services


    03/2020 - Hiện tại
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    Human Resource Manager

    Jupiter Foods Vietnam Ltd – member of JAPFA COMFEED Group

    Jupiter Foods Vietnam (JFV) is a subsidiary of JAPFA GROUP in the FMCG Business Unit, headquartered in Singapore. Total global JAPFA group revenue is about 4 billion US$/annum. And Jupiter Foods Company is a manufacturer of processed/value added meat products (sausages, meat ball, and nuggets), as leading in Indonesia under So Good Food company.
    Jupiter Foods Vietnam Ltd, is a start up company and operating for its 3rd year in Vietnam. Have one manufacturing facility,500 employs 120 people in manufacture, 220 in sales operation , and 60 from supporting departments

    Roles & Areas of Expertise:
    • Employee Relations
    • Organization Development
    • Compensation & Benefits Design
    • Training & Development
    • Staffing Requirements
    • HR Policy Design & Administration Recruitment & Employment
    • Safety Training
    • Operations Management
    • Team Building
    • Employee & Labor Law
    • Sexual Harassment/EEO Issues
    • ISO 99000

    06/2014 - 03/2020
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    C& B Manager

    Tan Hiep Phat Group

    • Manage payroll and Personal Income Tax
    • To deal with local labour authorities regarding insurance and labor report
    • Control payment of salaries
    • Report payroll spend variances to the board
    • Monitor compliance with labour law and company C&B risks
    • Designs the basic compensation structures in the organization (grading system, job evaluation system, job description policy, promotion policy, etc) aligned with the corporate culture and the corporate values
    • Designs the set of different compensation and benefits policies
    • Coordinates compensation processes like the salary planning, bonus planning and incentive schemes development
    • Manage, lead, and develop team of 8 staff

    02/2013 - 06/2014
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    Executive Assistant to CFO

    THP Group

    - Manage CFO diary, provide access to CFO, support CFO in dealing with arising issues, keep track of CFO’s direct report’s assignments , organize meeting and follow up on the progress
    - Manage HR site of CFO’s area of responsibility (Finance and Procurement)
    - Interview candidate for available positions
    - Make referrals of well-qualified and skillful applicants to the respective department directors & managers and liaise with them
    - Coordinate with Training department to maintain and develop Training Program for all staffs
    - Manage the restructure at Procurement Division with 3 separate functions and organize the JD and KPI accordingly
    - Organize year end and periodic performance evaluation for employees in Finance and Procurement
    - Handle Training for Finalnce & Procurement staffs and assit CFO in developing Taining Module , translation as well as communication of thoughts and processes

    04/2011 - 02/2013
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    Personal Assitant to Customer Development Director

    THP Group

    - Manage CDD diary,support CDD in dealing with team and customers & handling arising issue, keep track of CDD team’s reports & assignments, organize meeting and follow up on the progress.
    - Support CDD in driving organizational changes, handling customer issues & resolving complexities
    - Keeping CDD aware of Vietnam culture and differences considering him as an expat and arriving here from a different culture
    - Performance Management of 500 people plus sales team in line with HR process & guidelines
    - Work as an interface between Sales & HR as an active reagent on behalf of CDD
    - Help CDD is entire communication proces to guide Sales Development , Sales Operation, Regional Sales & Customer Marketing division for seamless operations to achieve planned objectives
    - Visting customers and work as a local assistant of CDD and help him in his translation as well as communication of thoughts and direction

    10/2010 - 04/2011
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    HR and Admin Head & General Director Assitant

    Meyzer Properties VN Co. Ltd

    HR and Admin Head :
    - Responsible for monthly payroll for employees, ensuring correct and on time pay
    - In charge of Social, Health & Unemployment Insurance matters for employees
    -To closely work with relevant Government Offices such as Tax Agency, Social and Health Insurance Agency, etc.
    -To audit, review and propose on improvements for Compensation and Benefits policies and practices
    in compliance with the government laws.

    General Director Assistant :
    - Create reports and preparation of work required by the Director
    - Organize appointments and meetings for companies and Directors and support him in preperation
    - Coordination with all other departments in the company for the timely reporting to Director and collation
    - Establish good relationships with customers and partners
    - Other implementation of the assistant on request.
    - Translate documents & meetings

    12/2009 - 10/2010
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    Administration Supervisor

    Heavy Hitters LLC

    - Was responsible for monthly payroll for employees, ensuring correct and in-time payment to all
    - In charge of Social, Health & Unemployment Insurance matters for employees
    - Responsible for all issues with Government Offices such as Tax Agencies, Social and Health Insurance Agencies, etc.
    - Audit, review and propose improvements for Compensation and Benefits policies and practices
    in compliance with government laws.
    -To correspond to employees' concerns relating to C&B policies and practices;
    - Update the HR records, statistics, and reports;
    - Implement the company recruitment and selection process by sourcing and selecting candidates for interviews.

    01/2008 - 11/2009

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    Hue Foreign Language University

    Business English & Translation

    09/2005 - 09/2007
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    Nha Trang Pedagogy College


    09/2003 - 09/2005
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    Certificate, Senior Managemeent Training Course

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    The University of Western Australia

    Certificate, Psychology at Work

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    Attendance- Neuro Linguistics Programming

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    University of Toronto

    Certificate, Arts and Science of Relationship

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Human Resources


Microsoft Office



Sales Management

Backlog Planning

Psychology at Work

Issued Oct 2018 · No Expiration Date
Credential ID 76M42HFKZ3YZ

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